Opera Mini now available on Samsung Apps store

Opera Mini now available on Samsung Apps store – Opera Mini, a mobile browser capable of providing users with a splendid internet steering experience at all times, can also offer vital cost savings, courtesy of the page compression technology that it features.

Opera Software has announced that its Mini mobile web browser is now available in Samsung Apps, Samsung’s dedicated application store.

Samsung users interested in downloading the Opera Mini application will be able to do so either frankly accessing the app portal through their devices, as well as via Samsung Kies – the PC software that connects the company’s handsets to any Windows computer – or online via www.samsungapps.com.

Opera Mini is available for download for free, as it is on other mobile operating systems out there, including BlackBerry or Symbian.

“We want to make Opera Mini available the world over to everyone,” said Erick Lee, vice president of sales and country manager for Korea, Opera Software.

“For owners of Samsung bada and Android devices, why are you even reading this far? Head over to Samsung Apps and download Opera Mini. I promise you’ll never look back.”

Opera’s mobile browser is one of the most well loved Internet steering applications out there. Last month, it was used by over 168 million people all around the world.

Opera Mini can deliver both quick browsing speeds, as well as significant cost reductions when it comes to mobile data, since it can compress web pages by up to 90 percent before sending them to the handset.

“The magic is in Opera Mini’s heavy-duty server backend that crunches webpages down to a fraction of their original size. But, you don’t need to know that; you can just delight in the super-quick web even as staying under your data plot cap,” Opera clarifies.


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