GMail Got New Look

Gmail got totally new and fresh look, the new gmail have so many new features such as, Streamlined conversations, Elastic density, New HD themes, Smarter navigation, Better search.
if you have not switched to new gmail, then you must do that, for this you just need to open your gmail and then click on bottom right corner (there will be an option)
here is short summery of new features of gmail..

Streamlined conversations:

in new gmail, your conservation is redesigned, now the profile pictures of your contacts will shown in the conservation.

Elastic density:

screen size will automatically set according to the screen size and compatibility of the device you have logged in. you can also change the display density according to your need.

HD themes

there are lot of new themes added to the new gmail. some beautiful old themes also updated for users that love their old themes. go to settings at upper right corner of gmail to set new theme

Smarter navigation


you can view your chat contacts and important labels all the time on left side, you can resize any label according to your choice, the new gmail also allows you to navigate these options with your keyboard arrow keys.

Better search


 by clicking on drop down icon in search box you can navigate  to the advanced search options, you can also create filter for your search.



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