Facebook Messenger For Windows 7

Facebook Messenger For Windows 7 Now Officially Available – It’s probably one of the worst kept secrets and I doubt it comes as a surprise to many of you, but Facebook have now officially released their Messenger app for Windows 7. The application was leaked last year and was also available in beta mode for quite a even as now and it’s not really clear why Facebook took so long to really release it officially.

Facebook already have a similar app available on smartphones which has proved to be quite well loved to date so I imagine that people will find this app quite handy as well for their desktops. But unless you’re in succession Windows 7, I’m worried you’re out of luck. Facebook place of protection’t made this app available for users in succession Windows XP or Windows Vista for some reason.

Unfortunately there is no video chat feature available in this app, which is rather odd. Facebook already have video chat built into their website so it’s weird that they place of protection’t really included it into the app.

Messenger for Windows will give you the ability to chat with your friends without ever having to open your browser at all. It also lets you get notifications straight to your desktop. The notifications aren’t just for chat messages, but they also contain notifications for comments,tags etc..

Facebook have also said that the Mac OS X Version will be coming along soon, and that there will be plenty of updates in the possibility.

Part of me thinks that this app is kind of pointless for Windows 7. I mean I very rarely find myself on my mainframe and not having a browser dialogue box open. It’s just a simple matter of having an extra tab with Facebook in it and you can chat and have full access to Facebook by austerely switching tabs.


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